How much water can I expect from a well?

Most of the wells we drill can supply more water than the customer needs. There are areas, however, where water resources are limited or not present. Give us a call, and we will be glad to tell you what you can expect at your location.

What kind of water quality can I expect from a well?

More than 90% of deep wells produce very desirable water and require no filtration to please the owners. There are areas, however, that are exceptions to this rule, and we would be happy to discuss the potential water quality you could expect at your location.

Is well water safe to drink?

Yes! Well water is usually the safest source of drinking water available. Most deep well water entered the ground hundreds or even thousands of years ago before there were any man-made chemicals around. Well water is not as vulnerable to pollution, contamination, and disease as some of the sources of water where municipalities get their water.

I've heard of problem wells. How can I know my well will be good?

Wells drilled 20 to 30 or more years ago were usually not constructed to the kind of standards used today. Unfortunately, there are still contractors today who don't have the commitment to quality that is required to construct wells of the highest quality standards available. Choosing your contractor carefully is the key to getting a well you will be happy with.

How long will my well supply water?

Wells drilled 40 or 50 years ago still produce water and are in use every day. Wells that have been abandoned usually have been abandoned because the steel casing has rusted out, not because of lack of water. The PVC casing used today will last indefinitely, and wells drilled today should still be producing water many decades from now.

How deep will my well be?

Well depths vary dramatically from area to area. We have drilled wells from as little as 28' deep to as deep as over 2,700'. We have drilled over 5000 wells since 1984, and we have probably drilled a well near you. Give us a call, and we'll be glad to let you know what depth to expect a well in your location.

When should I have my well drilled?

If you are building a house, it is useful to put the well in first. Your building contractor will need water for a number of things during the construction of your home. C. Miller Drilling works year-round and can drill your well any month of the year.

How long does it take to get a well drilled?

Our workload varies from as little as a week or two weeks to as much as two months. Give us a call, and we will tell you what our lead time is. Once on site, we usually complete a well and pump installation in two to five days.

Do I have to get a permit to drill a well?

In most counties in Northeast Texas, a permit is not required to drill a water well. In counties where a permit is required, C. Miller Drilling will help you through the process of acquiring the permit. C. Miller Drilling is experienced in these processes and will help you acquire a permit quickly and painlessly.


Our equipment setup varies depending on the layout of your property, trees, walkways, driveways, etc. When you are ready to schedule your project, we will meet with you on-site before a rig is dispatched and help you select your drilling location. Needless to say, we almost always find a way to get in and get the job done. Where there is a will, there is a way.

What laws govern where I can drill a well?

Standard regulations require that a well be 100' from septic field lines and 50' from the septic tank or property lines. There are special provisions that allow a well to be drilled 50' from septic field lines and 5' from property lines. Of course, power lines and other utility right of ways must not be infringed upon, and underground power, water, phone, or other lines have to be planned around.

How often will my pump need service?

Most pump systems function for many years without the need for major service or maintenance.

How can I best choose my well driller?

Choosing your well driller is an important decision. Experience, honesty, character, intelligence, and equipment all contribute to the competence level of contractors. Reputation and professionalism are good starting points. Ask for references and ask pointed questions about guarantees. Does the contractor provide a guarantee in writing with the estimate? How long has the contractor been in business? Have they drilled any wells nearby? Remember, the lowest price is usually a reflection of what a contractor plans to put into a job. Also, what happens if your driller or his employee is hurt on your property? Does he have Workmen's Compensation? Many don't. What if his equipment damages your property? What if it hurts you or your family? Does the contractor have general liability insurance? Many don't.

Is C. Miller Drilling a licensed well drilling company?

Yes. Cory Miller holds the rare and coveted Master Texas License - #2464. John Phillips, Drilling Operations Manager, is a licensed driller, as well as Senior Driller Johnny Jetton. Combined, the drillers at C. Miller Drilling have over 100 years of drilling experience.

Does C. Miller offer any guarantees?

Yes. C. Miller Drilling was the first contractor in northeast Texas to advertise a guarantee, and our guarantee remains the best in the industry. In most of our drilling territory, we offer our Four Point Guarantee on deep wells.

The four-point guarantee is available for up to five years on most wells and is as follows:

  1. We guarantee the well to produce water.
  2. We guarantee the casing against collapse.
  3. We guarantee there will be no commingling of strata (shallow waters will not mix with deep water).
  4. We guarantee the water to be 99.99% free of sand.

This is the C. Miller Drilling guarantee that set the standard by which the others are judged. While this guarantee is standard on most C. Miller Drilling deep wells, there are certain areas and projects where we cannot offer it. Please ask if this guarantee would apply to your project.

Is financing available for well drilling?

Yes. Banks, Savings & Loans, and Credit Unions regularly make loans for water wells as home improvement loans. This method of financing offers the best terms available. C. Miller Drilling also accepts most major credit cards.