Muncipal & Community Well projects

The following is our list of Muncipal & Community Well projects completed by C. Miller Drilling. No other drilling company in Northeast Texas matches the experience, expertise, equipment and capabilities of C. Miller Drilling.

Starrville-Frendship WSC1996#4802'8x4150 gpmDunn Engineering
Bluegreen Southwest1998#1540'6x3100 gpmLandCon, Inc.
Sharon WSC1999#6780'8x4225 gpmHayes Engineering
RPM WSC2003#4454'8x4150 gpmJF Fontaine & Assoc.
New Prospect WSC2004#2642'8x4200 gpmHayes Engineering
Corinth WSC2004#2770'8x4200 gpmBurton Engineering
Golden WSC2005#7652'8x4200 gpmHayter Engineering
Golden WSC2005#8426'10x6150 gpmHayter Engineering
City of Yantis WSC2005#7497'10x6110 gpmHayes Engineering
Dean WSC2005#5755'24x16x101,000 gpmJF Fontaine & Assoc.
City of East Mountain2006#3537'8x4175 gpmHayes Engineering
Clarksville City2006#1792'8x4200 gpmDunn Engineering
Clarksville City2006#2774'8x4200 gpmDunn Engineering
Holly Lake WSC2006FM-49827'10x6300 gpmEllege Engineering
City of Van WSC2006#2R820'16x10200 gpmBurton Engineering
S. Cleveland WSC2006#21,572'16x10x6450 gpmJF Fontaine & Assoc.
Rock Hill WSC2006#2188'10x6100 gpmHayes Engineering
Fouke WSC2007#71,023'12x8600 gpmHayes Engineering
Pritchett WSC2007#22720'12x8300 gpmHayes Engineering
Sand Flat WSC2007#5782'10x6400 gpmKenneth Cline
Fellowship Church Camp2007#1578'8x4200 gpmVelvin & Weeks
Cross Road WSC2007#2465'10x6100 gpmDaniel & Brown
Chalk Hill SUD2008#10663'10x6550 gpmHayes Engineering
Elm Creek WSC2008#21,468'16x10x6330 gpmTabor & Associates
Lake Fork WSC2008#8537'10x6150 gpmHayes Engineering
Lake Fork WSC2008#9494'10x6150 gpmHayes Engineering
Church Hill WSC2008#2600'8x434 gpmDaniel & Brown
Starrville-Frendship WSC2008#5495'10x6300 gpmHayes Engineering
City of Buffalo2009#5960'10x6175 gpmKSA Engineering
Pure WSC2009#22,458'10x6300 gpmTabor & Associates
Winona WSC2009#2825'10x6165 gpmKSA Engineering
Campbell WSC2009#5484'10x685 gpmHayter Engineering
Phoenix WSC/Aqua Texas2009#51,150'10x6450 gpmVelvin & Weeks
Gum Springs WSC2009#3468'10x6310 gpmEast Texas Engineering
Jones WSC2009Paul Hicks961'10x6310 gpmDaniel & Brown
Lindale Rural WSC2010#61,023'12x8375 gpmHayes Engineering
Ft. Hancock WC&ID2010#2370'8x8140 gpmBrock & Bustillos
Church Hill WSC2010#3450'4x440 gpmDaniel & Brown
City of Canton2010#3 Test480'6x375 gpmBurton Engineering
Pritchett WSC2010#23622'12x8350 gpmHayes Engineering
Streetman WSC2010#4313'6x642 gpmBefco Engineering
Western Class WSC2010#10352'4x445 gpmJF Fontaine & Assoc.
Western Class WSC2010#11513'10x6165 gpmJF Fontaine & Assoc.
City of Alba2011Farrington St557'10x6100 gpmHayter Engineering
Talco WSC2011#4407'10x6300 gpmKSA Engineering
Santa Fe/GCWCID2011#8780'24x14x8750 gpmJD Mercer & Assoc.
Talley WSC2011#4572'6x490 gpmHayes Engineering
Caddo Lake WSC2011#5312'6x685 gpmHayes Engineering
Bi-County WSC2011Pistol Mill Rd620'10x6110 gpmHayes Engineering
City of Scottsville2011#2458'6x6150 gpmSchaumburg & Polk
Deadwood/Panola County2011#4293'4x440 gpmHayes Engineering
West Gregg SUD2011#8887'24x16x10650 gpmHayes Engineering
Addison/Vitruvian Park2011 640'4x416 gpmKleinfelder Engineering
City of Canton2012#3594'10x6175 gpmBurton Engineering
Elysian Fields WSC2012#3273'8x880 gpmJF Fontaine & Assoc.
City of Bogata2012Test Well240'4x473 gpmHayter Engineering
Tiki Island WSC2012#1925'24x16x14x8450 gpmJD Mercer & Assoc.
Long Cove Development2012#1390'8x860 gpmTeam Phillips Inc
AMWA - City of Athens2012#1824'26x18⅝x121,400 gpmVelvin & Weeks
Lindale Rural WSC2013#71,002'18⅝x12875 gpmHayes Engineering
Waskom WSC2013 220'6x67 gpmHayes Engineering
City of Palacios2013#6712'24x16x101,300 gpmJD Mercer & Assoc.
Sharon WSC2013#12793'12x6300 gpmHayes Engineering
Armstrong WSC2013#12,380'10x6300 gpmTabor & Associates
City of Bogata2013 238'10x6200 gpmHayter Engineering
Bruceville-Eddy WSC2013 1,840'10x6600 gpmTabor & Associates
G&W WSC2013#6440'10x6130 gpmJF Fontaine & Assoc.
G&W WSC2013#7828'10x6325 gpmJF Fontaine & Assoc.
Lindale Rural WSC2013#8982'18⅝x12900 gpmHayes Engineering
Harleton WSC2013 562'10x6300 gpmHayes Engineering
Bi-County WSC2013 1,015'10x6400 gpmHayes Engineering
West Brazos WSC2014Replacement2,702'16x10x6530 gpmTabor & Associates
Sharon WSC2014Stiver Hill/#10963'12x8265 gpmHayes Engineering
Sharon WSC2014Otter Rd/#11604'10x6175 gpmHayes Engineering
Warran City2014#1330'4x450 gpmHayes Engineering
Warran City2014#2330'4x450 gpmHayes Engineering
RPM WSC2014#61,122'10x6150 gpmJF Fontaine & Assoc.
Ben Wheeler2014 919'10x6200 gpmDaniel & Brown
Pritchett WSC2014 725'7x3125 gpmHayes Engineering
Fouke WSC2014 1,020'10x6200 gpmHayes Engineering
Wickson Creek SUD2015 1,350'14x8475 gpmWinn - WPEC
City of Lindale2015 1,251'16x10800 gpmKSA/WFA
West Jacksonville WSC2015 845'14x8225 gpmVelvin & Weeks
TP&W - Texas Fisheries2015#7747'12x8500 gpmTravis Associates
TP&W - Texas Fisheries2016#8732'12x8500 gpmTravis Associates
Sharon WSC2016#13674'10x6275 gpmHayes Engineering
Sanger2016#81,075'14x8700 gpmLNV - Hawkins
Sanger2016#91,041'16x10720 gpmLNV - Hawkins
Murvaul WSC2016 300'6x660 gpmHayes Engineering
Lake Fork WSC2016#10530'10x6150 gpmHayes Engineering
Lake Fork WSC2016#11530'10x6150 gpmHayes Engineering
Keenan WSC2016#41,028'14x8x6465 gpmJF Fontaine & Assoc.
Alabama-Coushatta WSC2016 450'8x8225 gpmKenny -
XTO Energy - Hawkins, TX2017 442'16x10500 gpmXTO Energy
Garden Acres2017#4810'6x66 gpmCollier Consulting
Mustang SUD2017Riley1,560'18⅝x12500 gpmSteger Bizzell Engineering
TP&WD2017Big Lake Bottom711'6x620 gpmTP&WD/V. Boothe
Pritchett WSC2017#241,138'10x6275 gpmHayes Engineering
Liberty Utilities/Holly Lake2017CMD #1001,147'22x16x10680 gpmAdams Engineering
Ravenna-Nunnelee2018#1001,045'8x4150 gpmDaniel & Brown
Kellyville Berea WSC2018 910'10x6600 gpmSchaumburg & Polk
XTO Energy - Hawkins, TX2018 472'16x10500 gpmXTO Energy
Prairie Ridge Estates2018 490'8x880 gpmCollier Consulting
MacBee SUD2018#3390'8x415 gpmVelvin & Weeks
Bethel Ash2018 875'13⅜x8300 gpmVelvin & Weeks
High Point WSC2018#2600'13⅜x855 gpmCollier Consulting
Gum Springs WSC2018#4485'10x6125 gpmHayes Engineering
Crossroads WSC2019FM 2276612'10x6350 gpmDaniel & Brown
Crossroads WSC2019US 259560'13⅜x8460 gpmDaniel & Brown
City of Bogata2019 252'10x6275 gpmHayes Engineering
Buena Vista-Bethel SUD2019#52,819'14x8650 gpmChildress Engineers
Eastern Cass WSC2019 1,000'10x6250 gpmJF Fontaine & Assoc.
Long Cove2019#2400'8x8175 gpmCollier Consulting
N3 - The Mansions2020#11,824'10x6250 gpmPerkins Engineering
N3 - The Mansions2020#21,805'10x6325 gpmPerkins Engineering
Ramey WSC2020 710'18⅝x12750 gpmVelvin & Weeks
Highland Hills2020#3765'13⅜x8130 gpmCollier Consulting
Sand Flat WSC2020#6800'18⅝x121,000 gpmHayes Engineering
RPM WSC2020#5 Replacement973'10x6400 gpmStephens Engineering
Lindale Rural WSC2020#91,740'18⅝x121,000 gpmStephens Engineering
Payne Springs WSC2020#4340'10x675 gpmVelvin & Weeks
MacBee SUD2020#1 Replacement490'10x675 gpmVelvin & Weeks
Alert Academy2020#1-#6 (6 Wells)120'6x688 gpmStephens Engineering
Mustang Silverado2021#21,600'18⅝x13⅜750 gpmSteger Bizzell Engineering
Emerson Estates/C&R Water2021 784'13⅜x8570 gpmWater Engineers Inc.
Walnut Cove WSC/C&R Water2021 500'13⅜x8550 gpmWater Engineers Inc.
CPR Inc.2021 1,000'13⅜x8300 gpmJF Fontaine & Assoc.
Argyle WSC2021 1,370'10x10600 gpmBiggs & Matthews Inc.
AMWA Powder River2021#3870'26x16x141,200 gpmSD Kallman LP
New Fairview MUD2021 905'8x8200 gpmCollier Consulting
Elevation Estates2021#1270'6x625 gpmThurman Development
Elevation Estates2021#2250'6x675 gpmThurman Development
Hillcrest North MUD2022 882'8x8130 gpmCollier Consulting
Gum Springs WSC2022 485'7x7125 gpmStephens Engineering
Union Grove WSC2022 484'13⅜x8125 gpmStephens Engineering
Brushy Creek WSC2022 840'12x8450 gpmJF Fontaine & Assoc.
Pritchett WSC2022#24621'16x101,000 gpmHayes Engineering
Files Valley WSC2022 2,350'13⅜x8500 gpmChildress Engineers
Walnut Grove WSC2023#101,183'16x10450 gpmBrannon Corp
Walnut Grove WSC2023#11860'16x10450 gpmBrannon Corp
Alabama-Coushatta WSC2023 450'8x8170 gpmKenny -
Angelina WSC2023Test Well841'4x360 gpmSchaumburg & Polk
Elevation Estates2023#3250'6x652 gpmThurman Development
Gum Creek WSC2023 810'13⅜x8350 gpmVelvin & Weeks
White Shed WSC2023#1501,109'9⅞ TH------Dunaway DBI
Wright City WSC2023#51,088'10x6300 gpmHayes Engineering
Wright City WSC2023#61,104'10x6300 gpmHayes Engineering
Brinker WSC2023 441'13⅜x8150 gpmStephens Engineering
Paxton WSC2023 377'6x6125 gpmStephens Engineering
Sun Acres RV Park2023 525'4x435 gpmStephens Engineering
Lake Utilities WSC2023 710'8x8225 gpmCollier Consulting
McClelland WSC2023 600'10x6160 gpmJF Fontaine & Assoc.
City of Pottsboro2023Test Well1,200'4x450 gpmHayter Engineering


Kyle Stephens, Stephens Engineering - (903)932-2839
Rayburn Moore, JF Fontaine & Assoc. - (903)729-6005
Eddy Daniel, Dunaway/Daniel & Brown - (972)784-7777
Lindale Rural WSC - Carlos - (903)882-3335
Kerry Maroney, Biggs & Matthews, Inc. - (940)766-0156

Tyler Hendrickson, Velvin & Weeks - (903)675-3903
Stan Hayes, Hayes Engineering - (903)758-2010
Johnny Tabor, Tabor & Assoc. - (254)756-2118
Pat McGill, Harleton WSC - (903)777-3742
Ben Shanklin, Childress Engineers - (817)645-1118

Engineering companies

Engineering companies for which C. Miller Drilling has drilled Municipal & Community water wells:

Hayes Engineering
2126 Alpine St.
Longview, Texas 75601
Contact: Stan Hayes

Tabor & Associates, Inc
1005 S. 18th St.
Waco, Texas 76706
Contact: Johnny Tabor

Velvin & Weeks Engineering
930 Corsicana St
Athens, Texas 75751
Contact: Tyler Hendrickson

Dunaway | DBI Engineering
118 McKinney St
Farmersville, Texas
Contact: Eddy Daniel

Steger Bizzell       
1978 South Austin Ave.
Georgetown, Texas 78626
Contact: Sam Davis

Adams Engineering
101 East SE Loop 323
Tyler, Texas 75701

Biggs & Matthews, Inc.
2500 Brook Ave
Wichita Falls, Texas 76301
Contact: Kerry Maroney

J F Fontaine & Associates, Inc
P.O. Box 4187
Palestine, Texas 75802
Contact: Rayburn Moore

J D Mercer & Associates
7002A Harborside Drive
Galveston, Texas 77554
Contact: John Mercer

Dunn Engineering
950 Adrian Rd
Longview, Texas 75605
Contact: Michael Dunn

Stephens Engineering
111 Blaine Trail
Longview, Texas 75604
Contact: Kyle Stephens

Perkins Engineering Consultants
800 East Campbell Rd, Suite 221
Richardson, Texas 75061
Contact: David Hawkins

Schaumburg & Polk, Inc.
320 S. Broadway Ave #200
Tyler, Texas 75702

Mead & Hunt, Inc.
6001 I-20 W, Suite 219
Arlington, Texas 76017
Contact: Mark Perkins

Hayter Engineering
4445 SE Loop 286
Paris, Texas 75460
Contact: Reeves Hayter

S.D. Kallman LP
1106 S Mays St.
Round Rock, Texas 78664
Contact: Steve Kallman

KSA Engineering
140 East Tyler St., Suite 600
Longview, Texas 75601
Contact: Lanny Buck

102 Decker Court, Suite 240
Irving, Texas 75062
Contact: formerly David Hawkins

Collier Consulting
590 E. South Loop
Stephenville, Texas 76401
Contact: Matt Van Hattem

Childress Engineers, Inc.
211 N Ridgeway Drive
Cleburne, Texas 76033

The Bannon Corporation
1321 S. Broadway Ave.
Tyler, Texas 75701
Contact: Dalton Brown